Saturday, March 1, 2014

Beyond Knowing Facts, How Do We Get to a Deeper Level of Learning?


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Dear ISHCMC parents this is a must read.

At present the ISHCMC staff are working on creating Principles of Learning that are simply a set of beliefs that form the cornerstone of classroom pedagogy and conversation about learning in the School. they should be present no matter what age your daughter or son is and whose class they are in. Once these have been created and clearly defined I will be sharing them with you and they will be published, linked to our mission and vision and present in every classroom and subject in the School.

Amazingly the components of deeper learning talked about in this article are virtually the same as the Principles of Learning identified by ISHCMC teachers in their two Tuesday meetings that were used to develop our thinking about learning.

“The great project for education everywhere is to reach all students and to discover that all students are capable of deeper learning,” said Rob Riordan, co-founder of High Tech High in describing the goal of the Deeper Learning MOOC. “The question then becomes, how do we find ways to offer access to all learners and in ways that all can shine.” That means letting students get their hands on materials to build things, giving them a real question or problem that’s worth pursuing and making them feel that they are engaged in authentic, valuable work."

Here is a short video from the Deeper Learning website that talks about what deeper learning means. I believe that when you watch this video, and read the article above, you will notice how much of what is being talked about is already taking place in classrooms at ISHCMC.

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