Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Game Based Assessment


"Schools have a great need to assess 21st century skills such as systems thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication in the context of important subject-area knowledge and concepts.
The path that the authors have outlined is not easy. They call on experts in disparate fields to collaborate to build and test more GBAs in order to bolster their empirical track record, which is necessary to see if they can fulfill their promise.
GBAs offer a new flavor on the assessment platter; they address themselves to higher-order skills and concepts in a way that is open-ended, personalized and engaging, yet with the application of psychometrics to the rich data they generate, they have the potential to demonstrate high validity and reliability.

GBAs could help students, teachers and the education system operationalize our definition of learning and intelligence in a more sophisticated way, by capturing individual patterns of thought rather than just patterns of numbers: like going from a bar code to a photograph"

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