Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Bot Bubble: Click Farms

Its a long article but worth the read to get a better understanding of the real world of likes and social media 


"Two of the most crucial rules of Facebook’s terms of service are: “You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission,” and “You will not create more than one personal account.” The law of one person, one account is meant to guarantee that Facebook is the most real place on the Internet: The roughly six billion likes the company processes every day are supposed to be a quantification of homo sapien emotion. Other social media platforms, like Twitter, allow for more than one account per user, but, ultimately, the medium is predicated on the idea that its digital world is an accurate extension of the physical world.

Click farms jeopardize the existential foundation of social media: the idea that the interactions on it are between real people. Just as importantly, they undermine the assumption that advertisers can use the medium to efficiently reach real people who will shell out real money. More than $16 billion was spent worldwide on social media advertising in 2014; this money is the primary revenue for social media companies. If social media is no longer made up of people, what is it?


(It’s easy!)

PICK A NAME: Fake Name Generator is great for this. One click will get you a full identity: From name, to age, to job—it can even provide a blood type.

CREATE AN EMAIL ACCOUNT: If you want a bulletproof bot, make a phone-verified Gmail account using the same SIM cards you are using to verify your fake Facebook account.

MAKE SURE YOUR STEALTH SOFTWARE IS ON: Your proxy server should show that you’re working from someplace innocuous. Don’t forget to disable the cookies that might snag you.

CREATE A PROFILE: Using the details from Fake Name Generator, flesh out your Facebook account. Dating websites are a great place to steal photos.

PHONE VERIFY THE ACCOUNT: Install a SIM card into a cell phone and type the phone number into Facebook’s phone-verification feature. Wait for Facebook to text you a verification code. Enter the code.

ADD SOME FRILLS TO THE PROFILE: Everything from favorite movies to photo albums, which you can just copy from other profiles. A bot looks a lot more authentic if it has friends, so make sure to send a few requests. If you’re working for a big account farm, you can probably friend some real people who are in on the scam.

CONTROL YOUR BOT WITH THE SOFTWARE: Once you’ve made thousands of bots, you’re not going to want to manually manipulate them. Purchase a program to automate your bots to act real.

WATCH OUT FOR THE SOCIAL MEDIA POLICE:Facebook is hunting you, so be careful. Newly made bots are subject to extra scrutiny, so let your bot marinate for a few weeks. Don’t go overboard on liking too many things. You’ll probably want to maintain a lot of accounts, so they can work in shifts. Whenever you’re paid to like one thing, like a few other random things to create a smokescreen of activity.

AND IF YOU ARE CAUGHT: Don’t sweat it! Facebook is more likely to temporarily disable the like function of the account than delete it. But if the heat’s getting to be too much, just delete the account and reuse the phone number to make a new one. Your business won’t miss a beat.

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