Wednesday, November 25, 2015

UNESCO art competition..Parents can enter

Calling all artists!

UNESCO Bangkok is reaching out to your networks to promote our Happy Schools! Art Contest. 

We want artists, illustrators, cartoonists, graphic designers and photographers - students, amateurs and professionals - in the Asia Pacific region to show us:

What does a Happy School look like to you?

Winners will win a trip to Bangkok and invitation to attend a UNESCO launch celebrating the Happy Schools art contest winners - in addition to other cool digital prizes!

As part of UNESCO Bangkok’s Happy Schools Project, this art contest seeks to capture actions, moments and ideas that are promoting happiness in schools. 

All residents of the Asia-Pacific region are invited to submit images of any kind (photos, drawings, cartoons, paintings, graphics, and posters) along with a caption/description that captures the concept of Happy Schools. We are accepting entries from all ages in all types of media (entries only accepted in .jpg and .png format) by 10 January 2016. 

We encourage all interested students and artists to enter. Please pass this along to any students and artists who might be interested.

Learn more about the Happy Schools! Art Contest here:

To enter, 
fill out the form here.
upload your entry image(s) here.

For any enquiries about the contest, please contact us 
using this form.

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