Monday, May 2, 2016

13 Screen Sense Rules For Parents, From Elementary Schoolers

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Below is a collection of iRules elementary school children think their parents should follow. I gathered their thoughts and ideas on this topic and read it aloud to their parents during an evening presentation. We all had to take a big, deep, reflective breath when it was through.

This list should not be used as a tool for parent guilt or shaming, but instead as a beautiful and powerful reflection on how much our children love, need and want us.

iRules For Parents:

1. Whatever rules you think are important for me, should be important for you too.

2. When I ask for help, please help me.

3. Don't text and drive.

4. Do something productive!

5. Eat a meal without staring at your device.

6. Don't work so much.

7. Have some tech free time.

8. Know how much time you are spending on your screen. Limit your time.

9. Come outside and play with me.

10. Listen to me.

11. Talk to me.

12. Go to sleep.

13. See me. In my eyes.

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