Friday, September 27, 2013

Which Job Skills Will Be Most Important In The Coming Years?


Listen To The Machines

One of the most compelling concepts in Average Is Over is “listening to the machine.”
The smarter machines become the more it shapes how human beings have to change. We used to be rewarded for sheer brainpower — smarts — but now if the machine is smarter than you or sometimes smarter than you there’s a new scale, and that’s knowing when to defer. It’s about knowing when are you better and when is the machine better and, of course, increasingly, it’s often the machine. I think of humility as a virtue, a practical virtue that’s making a comeback.
Who is poised to do well in the future and what can we do to better prepare for how you see things going?
The people who will do better are those who are very good at working with computers, programming and software. That’s a rather obvious point but I think as income inequality increases people who are very good at positioning themselves in service sectors with some kind of marketing plan or somebody that can grab the attention of wealthier people will do well. Basically, the scarce skills for the future are all about psychology because computers right now still don’t do that very well. The good jobs will be about branding. They’re all about figuring out how to get other people’s attention and I think that’s really the growth sector we’re looking at.

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