Friday, September 23, 2016

2 articles from Saigoneer

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Just wanted to share the following two articles that, from different perspectives, show Vietnam is recognizing the need to address some of its educational issues. The first really surprised me and that is that for the 17/18 school year home work will be banned in Primary schools. What is even more encouraging is that schools will be instructed to find time for independent learning and life skills, curriculum time that we value at ISHCMC.

Saigon Homework Ban to Take Effect Next School Year

Saigon’s tweenagers will be happy to hear that when they return to school next year, homework assignments will be a thing of the past.
According to Tuoi Tre, last Monday the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training put forth a decree detailing various changes that will take effect for the 2017-2018 school year, including a complete ban on homework for primary school students.
According to the plan, the primary school curriculum will feature two sessions a day. In the morning, students will have lessons on core subjects such as mathematics and Vietnamese. In the afternoon, they will spend time finishing up leftover tasks from the first session. Independent learning will also be encouraged during this session, along with life skill exercises.
The document also explicitly states that teachers are forbidden from giving students homework.
The plan arrived right in the middle of a controversy over a previous policy outlawing schools and teachers from conducting extra classes and receiving pay for tutoring outside of school hours, in the hope of relieving academic pressure on young students.

This short trailer, 3 minute, identifies some of  the economic reasons why girls in rural areas reamin the poorest members of society. Watching it made me think about how I can help to give these girls the opportunity for a better life. Their struggle is consistent with rural girls in all developing countries around the world.

How Poverty is Stopping Vietnamese Girls From Obtaining an Education

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