Friday, March 25, 2016

Positive Psychology one of our strategic goals for the future

Dear Parents,

I would like to introduce you to a Coursera course that comes highly recommended by a number of our teachers who have already taken it. This course will help not only help to further your knowledge for our movement towards becoming a Positive Education School but will also add more knowledge to help you take control of your own thinking and living.

Here is the link to the course The new course starts on the 11th of April, so you can register now. If you want to get ahead and do some listening and watching course videos you can preview and download the first week from the left hand side of the site. As you will see looking at this 6 weeks course it reinforces beautifully where we are aiming to go both as a school and as a professional community of learners.

This has been shared with all teachers and it would alsobe great if large numbers of parents could find the time to take this course because it further builds on Step one of Positive Education which is about our own learning and understanding of how we can behave.

Have a relaxing and re-energizing vacation,



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