Monday, April 4, 2016

Robyn Trevyaud is back talking to us about the Digital World

Dear all,

Robyn Trevyaud is working with administrators, teachers and students again this week. Today Robyn shared lots of new ideas with administrators and coordinators that will help us guide students. Below is a very good TED talk by Sherry Turkle that will certainly make you as parents think about how you model the use of technology with your family. She calls for a more self aware relationship with yourself, your friends and your family. She suggests that it is time to have sacred areas in the home where conversation has to prevail. Lots to think about in the video for every one of us.

We have given two slots in Robyn's programme for parent workshops that will help you understand the world that your daughters and sons are growing up in. Don't miss this opportunity.

Thursday 7th of April, 1:45 ‐ 3:15 pm: Sexual Imagery and the Internet:
During this workshop a short film, ‘The Impression That you Get’ will be viewed. It explores
the influence of easily accessible pornography and sexualised content on young people
growing up today. This resource analyses the use of and effects of pornography by young
people through their eyes and supports honest and supportive discussion about it. How do
we raise sexually healthy kids when we live in a world with seemingly endless streams of
Internet pornography? The Internet provides young people with unprecedented access to a
number of amazing resources – artworks, news articles, tools to support learning, and apps
to stimulate engagement. But the Internet is also a portal through which young people have
unprecedented access to sexual imagery and pornographic material. Tackling this topic feels
understandably uncomfortable for many parents. However, if we agree that the stakes are
high, the issue of sexual imagery and pornography online unquestionably merits our
consideration. This workshop is a unique opportunity for us to do that.

Friday 8th of April: 08:30 – 10 am: Digital Footprints and Photo Sharing:
Social media sites make photo sharing easy and it can be a great way to keep in touch with
friends. But children don’t always think through what they post, and the possible
consequences. There is a real danger that photos posted for friends to see may ultimately be
accessed and shared by an audience outside their control. Our digital footprint, i.e. every
action we take online, can be searched, shared and seen by a large invisible audience. This
information can migrate, persist and resurface years later, usually out of context and with
the real possibility of impacting friendships, scholarships, and employment opportunities, to
name a few. This workshop will consider the implications of digital footprints and photo
sharing. You will be provided with some ideas to help you and your family discuss this very
important topic.

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