Saturday, March 12, 2016

Time to consider lifestyles

The ISHCMC have recently been involved in sharing a series of videos about the Earth and its sustainability. The sharing began with Al Gore's new TED talk about optimism regarding global warming and how the world's governments have responded and the improvements that we are making regarding CO2 emissions etc.

The challenge then started, "have you seen this documentary, Cowspiracy" it shows that much of Al Gore's ideas about the origins of Global warming were ill founded in his first talk, An Inconvenient Truth. They are not talking about his statistics but the root cause of our issues. Here is the trailer to Cowspiracy. Unfortunately, the live streaming of the full movie cannot be obtained now on youtube but if enough parents want to watch it I am prepared to show it one morning at school. As with other documentaries in my list they now seem to have been removed from their source where I was able to watch them a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps somebody doesn't want an informed population. So I have resorted to sharing trailers that you can then use to find other sources of the documentaries such as Amazon etc.

This link will take you to a short video that captures many of the statistics that are used in this documentary. Following sharing the above documentary I was introduced to another, Racing Extinction, that again identifies the crisis that is going on regarding the Earth and all its inhabitants, big or small.

Then finally when I thought this must be all the recent documentaries about our Earth and what we are doing to it I discovered this 14 minute youtube clip about our oceans. This documentary as I write this post is still available to be streamed.

This is not supposed to depress you but rather to inform and make us all think, is there something that I can do about this situation. I am a great believer that if each one of us takes a step in the right direction all those steps can and will make a difference for our children's futures. It is clear from these documentaries that we don't need to depend on politicians or industrialists to help mother earth, we can do it ourselves by making lifestyle and dietary changes. During Earth Week this year we will be trialing a meatless Monday to see if this might be just a small start towards changing how the next generation looks at its food supply.

I am just adding an extra video that ties all the above together......a promise to love our Earth


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  1. Adrian, thanks so much for sharing. I would love to find a copy of these documentaries. A must watch with my kids.