Friday, November 15, 2013

Academic Teaching Doesn’t Prepare Students for Life

"Three questions to guide student-driven learning
As I’ve worked with my students, we’ve come to realize they need to be able to answer three questions, regardless of what we’re researching:
• What are you going to learn?
• How are you going to learn it?
• How are you going to show me you’re learning?
How they get to this last question is often their decision. And what they come up with never fails to surprise me.
My classroom hasn’t always looked like this. But over the past three years we’ve shifted to a constructivist pedagogy that has transformed not only my thinking, but my students as well. Now we learn in an inquiry, PBL, tech-embedded classroom.
The journey at times has been painful and messy, but well worth the work. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that my students will often exceed my expectations, if only they’re given the chance."

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